Spring Athletics

Welcome to our Tiger’s Spring Athletics! We are always looking to give opportunities to our students. If you would like to become a student athlete please contact the coach of the specific sport or contact our Athletic Director, Morris Copley (morris.copley@paintsville.kyschools.us), for assistance.


Archery – Eric Castle – eric.castle@paintsville.kyschools.us

Baseball – Tommy McCormick – thomas.mccormick@paintsville.kyschools.us

Bass Fishing – Morris Copley – morris.copley@paintsville.kyschools.us

Esports– Dustin Adams – dustin.adams@paintsville.kyschools.us

Softball – Tommy Poe – tommy.poe@paintsville.kyschools.us

Tennis – Dr. Karla McCarty – karla.mccarty@paintsville.kyschools.us

Girls Track – Jessica Davis – jessica.davis@paintsville.kyschools.us

Boys Track – Jack Ousley – jack.ousley@paintsville.kyschools.us

Junior Varsity

Baseball – Johnathon McKenzie – johnathon.mckenzie@paintsville.kyschools.us

Softball – Tommy Poe – tommy.poe@paintsville.kyschools.us

Middle School

Baseball – Greg Horne – ghorne_ky@yahoo.com

Girls Soccer – Philip Workman – philip.workman@paintsville.kyschools.us

Volleyball – Dawn Kinner – dawn.kinner@paintsville.kyschools.us